The New Standard of Email

The most secure, most reliable and most supported business email.


The email providers, Intermedia, ensures your email data security using the latest supported encryption and access controls.

Your identifiable customer data never gets “mined” or sold to serve third-party ads. It is your data, period. compliant with US-EU and US-Swiss Safe Harbor frameworks. You are further protected against surveillance because Intermedia does not provide government agencies with direct access to the network, applications or systems. When they receive subpoenas, they defend your right to privacy by ensuring that every request complies with the law and by only providing the minimum required information.

AntiSpam, AntiVirus, White/Black lists, Anti-malware/anti-phishing for URLs (Intermedia LinkSafe™ and Advanced Email Security) ensure everything is logged and protected with your security policy, including two factor authentication.

Your email can also survive data disasters because Intermedia retains at least 2 copies of your data and individual backup is available.


Intermedia provides The New Standard for Business Email and offers a financially backed 99.999% up time Service Level Agreement (SLA) for all its services. This means that you can expect less than 26 seconds of downtime a month and that the business email provider backs this promise financially. Most competitors promise 99.9% reliability or, just over eight hours.

This very high level of reliability is made possible by mixing the best availability and security hardware provided by the most experienced and dedicated business services professionals in the industry.

Technology such as multi-tenant platform security controls, multiple redundant, enterprise-class firewall systems, multiple redundant carrier grade intrusion protection systems (IPS), perimeter/network security intrusion prevention and detection, network access control and enterprise-class firewalls -- is how five nines happens.


Excellent customer support from your business email provider is a business enabler.

Excellent support allows you to focus on growing your business, which is the reason you’re looking to move to The New Standard for Business Email in the first place.

Intermedia's JD Power recognized support team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Even on Sunday.

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